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Asim Ismail is an educational entrepreneur, international trainer, and the founder of Fajr Academy, Tarbiyah International and Alwasila Trust. He has been a teacher, trainer and consultant in education and Islamic studies. He served as the founding Head of Islamic Department at the ‘Reflections School’ from 2007 to 2011, and is currently the principal at Fajr Academy. He successfully explored several academic initiatives that he now brings to Dreamers’ Academy.
His experience includes extensive traveling and surveying different school and educational systems around the world. His trainings have benefited people and organisations locally as well as internationally. He is affiliated with a number of welfare organisations and his consultations and workshops present the Islamic angle on various topics.




Say: “(Take on) Allah’s colour. And whose colour is better than Allah’s? It is Him that we serve. (2:138)

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