Falahe Insaniyat Foundation (F.I.F)

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Falahe Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan wishes to revive the welfare society established by the Prophet (s.a.w) that focuses on affirming human rights, divine order, and emulating the Prophet’s (s.a.w) life. This system looks after the poor, needy, sick, handicapped and distressed people without discrimination of colour, creed or religion.
F.I.F has undertaken this great task by means of various welfare programs by the grace of Allah. The purpose is to alleviate problems faced bby the common folk through economic, health, and educational facilities. It also provides constructive and reformatory measures that spread positive thinking for everyone to play a strong role in the making and development of an Islamic state.

Some of the areas that F.I.F works in are providing education, medical aid, hospital facilities, basic necessities of water and food, emergency management, prisoner and refugee welfare, amongst others.




Say: “(Take on) Allah’s colour. And whose colour is better than Allah’s? It is Him that we serve. (2:138)

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